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How can my agency get a subscription to the Learning Library?
Complete the subscription form and a ChildPlus representative will contact you.
How long does our subscription to the Learning Library last?
Subscriptions to the Learning Library begin upon receipt of payment and are active for 12 months. Renewal notifications will be sent prior to expiration.

Learning Library Basics
Does each employee need to create an account or do all employees use one account?
A subscription includes one account per agency. This account can be used by multiple people at one agency. Each agency only needs one subscription.

How do I know which videos I have already watched?
Go to your account and select My History. My History shows you all videos that have been viewed. Viewing history can be filtered by topic, amount of time watched and time period.

What are Media and Channels?
Media are individual videos. Channels are collections of media that are grouped together based on a topic.

What happens when I subscribe to a channel?
The account email will be notified when new content or media is added to that channel.

Technical Issues
What if I forget my password?
Contact us and we will assist with resetting your password.

Why is the video playback low-quality, blurry or pixelated?
All videos in the Learning Library are produced in HD quality for optimal viewing. If your internet connection is weak or unstable, your videos will play back in a lower resolution.

Confirm that your system meets the following requirements:
  • Your internet connection is stable and high-speed
  • Your network supports video streaming

If your system meets the above requirements and you are still experiencing video playback issues, your system may have a program or setting that could be affecting your connection. Contact your IT or network administrator to resolve this issue for you.

Video Content
How often are videos added?
Free content is added weekly. Instructional videos are added or updated to correspond with changes in ChildPlus features and functionality.

What are Learning Levels?
Learning Levels are designed to help ChildPlus users determine the most appropriate training option based on experience and knowledge.

How do I know what Learning Level I am?
Take the quiz to find out your Learning Level.

Additional Training Options
Where can I get more information about ChildPlus Training & Consulting options?
ChildPlus offers a number of ways for you to learn. Check out all of our options.

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